About Us


Dohertys Pharmacy was first established in 1948 by John Cunningham. It was the first Pharmacy in the Andersonstown area. It is now owned and managed by Damien Doherty M.P.S. He has been running the pharmacy for over 20 years now. He was born and grew up the Andersonstown area.

Dohertys Pharmacy endeavours to provide a full and comprehensive professional pharmaceutical service to the local community whilst always putting the care of the patient first.


The front of Dohertys Pharmacy The front of Dohertys Pharmacy (Enlarge)

Dohertys Advice Counter (Enlarge) Dohertys Advice Counter (Enlarge)

The Dispensary in Dohertys (Enlarge) Dohertys Dispensary (Enlarge)