Our main services

  • Prescription Dispensing

    We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions. Any warnings or recommendations regarding your medicines will automatically appear on the label. Our modern computer and software allows us to keep records of all your prescriptions dispensed by us. It automatically alerts us to any problems which may arise when new medicines are prescribed and allows us to counter prescribe with full assurances on efficacy and safety.

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  • Prescription Collection

    We are now offering a Prescription Collection Service form all local Doctor’s surgeries. If you have regular prescriptions why not ask our pharmacy to collect the prescriptions for you?

    We will prepare the prescriptions and have it ready for collection when it most suits you. Simply order the prescription in the normal way. Then contact the pharmacy and we will arrange the collections and tell you when your medication will be ready.

    Please note most surgeries require 48 hours notice for repeat prescriptions

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  • Over the Counter Medicines

    We stock a wide range of well known counter medicines, vitamins, tonics, supplements, and first-aid products. The pharmacist is available for advice on all medicines and minor ailments, in private, if required.

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  • Delivery Service

    We deliver dispensed prescriptions directly to the patient’s house. Just phone the pharmacy to organise.

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  • Minor Ailments

    Pharmacists can now prescribe directly to the customer for a range of minor ailments, if you are eligible. Products for coughs and colds sore throat, temperature, seasonal allergies, athletes foot itch, diarrhoea head lice, threadworms and vaginal thrush can now be prescribed and dispensed free of charge to eligible customers. No need for doctors appointment, go straight to your pharmacist.

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  • Smoking Cessation

    Want to quit smoking? We provide a full programme of support for smokers who want to quit, which ranges from carbon monoxide testing and advice on how to quit and if smokers qualify nicotine replacement products on prescriptions. We stock the full range of nicotine replacement products and offer advice on their use, which would be the most appropriate and support throughout the quitting process.

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  • Oxygen Therapy / Nebulisers

    We supply oxygen equipment and cylinders prescribed by your doctor and deliver new cylinders throughout the area your doctor may recommend a nebuliser for asthma or breathing problems. These are not available on the NHS but we can supply them and stock all the appropriate accessories with a back-up service for emergencies.

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  • Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

    Please return all unwanted medicines to the pharmacy where we will safely dispose of them.

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  • Residential and nursing care homes

    We can provide full pharmaceutical services to all homes. This includes advice on use storage and disposal of medicines, training of care staff and delivery arrangements.

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  • Stoma / incontinence suppliers

    We can supply from stock or quickly obtain a comprehensive range of these products including pads, mattress covers, sheets, etc. The pharmacist can advise you confidentially in any of these areas.

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  • Free diabetes screening

    Are you over 40 and over weight?

    We offer a free blood glucose test and stock a wide range of blood-glucose monitoring machines.

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  • >Palliative care

    We are a member of the Local Health Board Palliative Care Network. We stock an approved list of specialised drugs used in palliative care and can also offer advice on their use.

  • >Weight Management

    We have a K7 Keti machine which can measure your height, weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat index (BFI) It prints out the information and can then be used as a reference. We also stock a range of dietary aids.

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  • Travel Advice

    We produce our own holiday check list. A list of things you may need for your holiday. We can offer advice on anti-malaria treatment vaccinations and health care issues which may arise when travelling.

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  • Health care promotion

    We are actively involved in health care promotion and awareness and stock a wide range of healthcare books and free health care leaflets.

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  • Health care aids for the elderly and disabled

    We can supply from stock or quickly obtain a wide variety of products for use in the home or as living aids. Please ask for our catalogue.

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  • >Hosiery

    We can supply stockings ordered by your doctor and also supply items not available on the NHS such as support tights. We also offer a measuring and fitting service.

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  • First Aid Supplies

    We carry a wide range of products for domestic use but can also meet requirements for places of employment.

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  • Chiropody

    Your pharmacist can advise on minor complaints and recommend suitable products from our foot care range.

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  • Emergency Hormonal Contraceptive

    We stock Levonelle (“the morning after pill”) and can prescribe this product after a private and confidential consultation with the pharmacist.

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Our other services are:

  • Passport Photography (Using the latest digital technology)
  • Photographic Processing (Both digital & Film)
  • Kodak Kiosk for instant digital processing – accesses all memory chips and with bluetooth capability
  • Range of Gluten-Free products
  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Toiletries, Personal Care, and Household Products
  • Fragrance and Cosmetics
  • Baby Care Range